The Narrow Gate

Tommmo247 comments on a video by Activist-News

Christian Identity is the narrow gate, the one true Way, not the satanic anti-Christian RCC(Roman Catholic Church) whose adherents, unlike other denominations, are embraced, not rejected, by the world, many holding high offices throughout all nations and their institutions.

We, the ONLY Christian denomination that IS Christian i.e. NOT Judaeo-Christian (an oxymoron, like ‘dry water) will be increasingly persecuted. They hated our kinsman redeemer and crucified Him – a pyrrhic victory, something we can all agree on (except Roman Catholic headboy Bergoglio who cites the ”failure of the cross”), b/c His sacrifice rebuilt the bridge back to the Father, OUR Father (NOT the Jews, and their proxy Negroids, Asiatics, Mongoloids father).

The Son of Man in the original Hebrew scripture is the ”Son of ADAM”. Jesus is described as the second Adam, His arrival was prophecied throughout the Old Testament. Adam means, literally, to show blood in the face, ruddy [complexion], (as David and Solomon et al are described), meaning to blush, or to flush  – in some contexts (implying) –  w/ shame, anger, embarrassment, deceit. ONLY the fast shrinking and increasingly vilified White peoples whose dire situation was prophecied on multiple occasions by the Prophets, can show blood in the face, have a powerful conscience and sense of shame, the laws of the Father written into their hearts, and are thus exclusively Adamic, of the lineage of Jacob (Israel) and Judah.

adam blood in the face awdawm ruddy

”Big Brother” (Orwell didn’t choose that term arbitrarily) is Esau who despised, and thus lost, his birthright for race mixing w/ the accursed Canaanite and Hittite females who carried Nephilim blood. And just as Jacob, w/ his mother Rebekah’s help, masqueraded as Esau to their father Isaac (Genesis says ”You will be called the sons of Isaac: ‘saac sons became Saxons. Brit-ish means Covenant Man) tricking Isaac into bestowing upon him (Jacob) the blessing of the first son, so now does Esau (Edom-Jewry) masquerade as Jacob (Israel) and Judah, and the irony is made complete b/c they seek to race mix us out of existence, the very reason Esau lost his birthright.


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  1. My guy, Jesus let a Canaanite call on his name.

    Explain again to me how only whites can be Identity Christians?

    Can I not understand who Gods people are and also not be adamic?

    1. You cannot determine life on something that varies in percentage. Race is a percent, God won’t cast a believer in to hell just because he/she is 70% white and 30% pre adamite

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