The Aryan Origin of the Alphabet – L.A. Waddell (1927)

DISCLOSING THE SUMERO PHOENICIAN PARENTAGE OF OUR LETTERS :ANCIENT AND MODERN by  Lawrence Austine Waddell  (1927) The invention of the Alphabet is generally admitted to be one of the very greatest scientific human achievements. It enables civilized men by an easy system of some twenty-four or so sound-signs or letters to rapidly express and register their thoughts and speak through time and space, conduct their everyday business by registers and correspondence, and chronicle their experience for the use of future generations by permanent records. And amongst other things, in association with movable type and the telegraph, which is also based upon a conventional form of the Alphabet, it has made possible that living marvel of the modern world, the newspaper, “the beating heart of civilization,” which gives the news of the world as a diary of the human race. (italics mine)
…I have found on a “prehistoric” monument in Ireland inscriptions by Brito-Phœnician kings from Brutus downwards in retrograde Phœnician alphabetic writing quite as archaic as on the Byblos statue and associated with contemporary Cadmean or non-retrograde Phœnician script (see Plates, column 17), which can be positively dated to before 1075 BC, as described in detail in my forthcoming work on “Menes, the First of the Pharaohs,” which also proves conclusively that Menes was an Aryan Phœnician, and identical with Manis-tusu, Emperor of Mesopotamia, and that his father Sargon was a “Pre-dynastic” king of Egypt. …On finding, by my new Aryan keys, that the Phœnicians were “Sumerians,” and the leading seafaring branch of the Early Aryans, and that the Early “Sumerian” dynasty of Uruas’-the-Khad (“Ur Nina”) was the First Dynasty of the Phœnicians in the fourth millennium BC, as detailed in my previous works, and that the Sumerian Language was radically Aryan in its vocabulary and structure and was disclosed as the parent of the English and of all the Aryan Family of Languages, ancient and modern, including also the Ancient Egyptian, as shown in my Sumer-Aryan Dictionary and former works, I then observed, many years ago, that most of the alphabetic Cadmean Phœnician letters, as well as the late retrograde Phœnician letters were of substantially the same form as the Suemrian linear pictographs bearing the corresponding simple vowel and simple consonanial phonetic values or sounds.
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