“Another thesis I’ve developed with regard to major social and cultural institutions is this: Nothing ever starts out as bullshit but, left in the hands of man, everything usually winds up as bullshit. Such is the case with Christianity. Early Christianity, exactly like National Socialism, was born out of dire necessity. Jesus of Nazareth was the right man in the right place at the right time. During my years of lock-up I annotated at least six Bibles and I found the big left turn that everybody misses, rendering the whole thing as a waste of time. The Exodus of Moses was the last three million Whites getting out of decadent and dying Egypt. They militarily seized for themselves the most north-easterly province of Egypt, which was Canaan. Of course, they renamed it after themselves: Israel, meaning a prince ruling with God. There they found dark native inhabitants. God commanded they should kill all of these people. But they failed to do this, instead making slaves of them. Over much time they integrated them into their society. And with White, Israelite men chasing after these colored, Canaanite women, racial Jews were born. The word “Jew” isn’t even mentioned in the Bible until Second Kings, Chapter 16, Verse 6. “ – James Mason (author of SEIGE)

born January 1, 1952: James N. Mason

“Throughout the early to mid 1980s. Its contents were edited and published by Michael Moynihan as Siege: The Collected Writings of James Mason. He advocated leaderless resistance, calling for autonomous action by individuals rather than an authoritarian hierarchical organization.

Mason arranged for his papers and political materials to go to the University of Kansas Library.”

In the last year or so Mason has come to a better understanding of the bible, being able to identity who is who, and who is jew.

From  a jewdego-Churchianity perspective; he didn’t fully understand the scriptures. He went along with the exoteric and universal view of Christianity, the same understanding that pushes so many white nationalists away. The idea that Jesus was a push over,  and other distorted John 3:16 type contraptions.

A cucked philosophy of John three sixteens, open borders, and pathological ethnomasochism sums up this despotic ideology that WN’s so vehemently oppose, and understandably.

While in prison, Mason was able to get ahold of British Israelite type literature, and later transcended that myopic ‘jew-first’ understanding that is British Israel; those who think that jews today are actually somehow pure racial descendants of Judah.

What follows is revolutionary, but not in the jewish sense.  This is evolutionary for White Nationalists the world over, who think Jesus is a jew on a stick.

If you think that, then study and show yourself to be correct.  2 Timothy 2:15


“I have hesitated and will continue to resist using the term “Christian Identity” because I know that will right away turn off too many good people who have been so badly let down and turned off by the Church. I was one of them for the first forty-five years of my life.

Then I went to prison on a gun charge and had lots of time on my hands to do little more than read, write and exercise. All of this I did. Since I was last in lock-up twenty years prior on an assault charge, things had changed drastically. Censorship and P.C. were everywhere dominant. I went in an instant from minimum to maximum security when my politics were found out About the only “literature” one could receive was religious and we are immediately back to what I’ve been saying about the Church all along: That very “opiate of the masses” that Karl Marx said it was.

But somehow a group calling itself Canadian British Israel was on the “approved” list. I wrote to them. Very soon thereafter I received a large box containing a ton of literature ranging from tiny pamphlets to hard-bound books. Utilizing my built-in “filter”, I was able to scan right through all religiosity and arrive at the core of the matter.

The supposed “Lost Tribes” of ancient Israel – some ten million individuals – made the unified decision to depart entirely the Middle East and make their way en masse into Europe. A great majority entered via the Caucasus Mountains of southern Russia. They broke upon the scene at about the same time as the “Barbarians” enter history.

The “Lost Tribes” with no exit point and the “Barbarians” with no entrance point. But at the same time.

We thus step right out of the Bible and into secular history. It is OURSELVES we are regarding here.

This is a most jarring realization.” – James Mason

“The Covenant God intended to make with Abraham, that is, the turning of the whole earth over to his descendants, could not include one of mixed blood. And, hence, Isaac. But though Abraham was instructed by God to send away both Hagar and Ishmael, he was assured that the eldest son would go on to be the father of his own great nation.

These were our own people situated at the crossroads of three continents and practically without natural borders, surrounded by alien, colored peoples. To follow up, it deeply worried Abraham and Sarah that their son, Isaac, might end up marrying one of these dark females himself, thus spoiling the family line. He did not, however, and next came Esau and Jacob. Again, even though Esau was first born, it is stated that he was “red” and “hairy”, an obvious reference to some sort of negative throwback. Therefore, the birthright, or Covenant, passed over to the younger son, Jacob. True, racial continuance once more.

A “great enmity” arose from this. Jealousy on the parts of the elder offspring of two generations. It is said that in the case of Esau, he was the father of the Turks. But it all begs the question: From where did this racial taint appear in the first instance?

That goes all the way back to Adam and Eve. Clearly, they could not have been the very first human-like creatures on earth. For one, the figure then called “the Serpent” and later referred to as “Satan”, was able to seduce Eve (there is no mention of any “apple”) and produce the first murderer, Cain. Then, once Cain was expelled from Eden, he went “into the Land of Nod” and took at least one wife to begin his own, Satanic, line. Who were these people?” – James Mason

The Theocrat (2018)

The Theocrat (4th Edition) James Mason-62mb


In this, the first to be released of five essays written inside prison, James Mason definitively and from a non-religious viewpoint unravels the Bible. The goal was to once and for all either debunk or validate the greatest of all the West’s books of wisdom. Next to the Bible as being the world’s most well-known but least read or understood book is Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. Mason again does the work for you and condenses them both. Bringing out the most relevant and astounding passages. The end result of this research is nothing short of devastating.

Revisiting Revelation (2018)

Revisiting Revelation (3rd Edition) James Mason-19mb


James Mason gives an unfiltered literal interpretation of the book of Revelation from his own observations. Demolishing the superstition often ascribed to the Bible by today’s modern Judeo-Christians, James Mason resolves this conflict, and proceeds to expound upon Genesis all the way to the final climax of Revelation to explain what this all truly means. –Amazon

One Verse Charlies

In today’s educational facilities, there is a repeated (perhaps deliberate) habit of presenting history in the most boring manner possible. The mainstream churches being no different in this case, as the Bible is presented in such mediocre fashion – as well was deliberately suppressed or misinterpreted – to the average Church goer. James Mason, being locked up at the time, took upon himself the task of either validating or invalidating the Bible once and for all, and what this book contains is the annotations and observations of the overwhelming truth he has come to realize. Made up of everything from those ‘boring passages’ that no one seems to care about, or those that the Pastors of today will not dare mention. Originally written under the pseudonym “Robert Burns” while stuck in confinement, James Mason comes to find that he has been in the vanguard of service to God all along. -Amazon.com

One Verse Charlies (2018)

SEIGE (20th – 21st Century)

S E I G E: https://archive.org/details/SiegeByJamesMason/page/n0

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  1. Mason’s view that the Canaanites were a brown race is fatally flawed. Canaan was a white descendant of Ham, who was cursed at birth for Ham’s raping of his mother, Noah’s wife. Therefore, the descendants of Noah would not propagate with Canaan who then mixed with the Kenites (descendants of Cain, the son of the serpent or fallen one, if you will). That is how the progenitor Canaan created his downline. Later the Canaanites mixed with the Rephaim. Later, Esau married into the Canaanites and the Ismaelites, both of whom were mixed with satan seed, so-to-speak. The Edomite Jews are the result as well as the arabs (which arab means mixed in Hebrew). As time goes on, the Egyptians were overrun by a Nubian tribe in mid 8th century BC (and the Land of Cush–Ethiopia east and west) began darkening their race by mixed with the black tribes in Africa. Canaanites were not brown. The fallen ones, angels whatever you wish to call them, were white themselves. Yahweh did not make any black/brown skinned angels or men. That is why it is so hard to tell the difference between the wheat and tares sometimes as white man has mistakenly mixed his seed with the jews. The jews are not Judah in any way, shape or form. Once adamic man’s seed is mixed with another seed, the offspring ceased being white and become the offspring of the fallen ones, the serpent(s) in the garden from the family/DNA tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

    When the Byzantine Empire put a stranglehold on the jews deceptive and subversives practices, they went east and began occupying Khazaria and eastern Europe, such as, Poland. Poland has been infiltrated with jews since the 8th century AD.

    1. Jan Palmer is playing for the other team, trying to claim white-rights. YHWH and Jesus said, I am not of this world, and Satan that wicked one is of this world. All 7 groups of indigenous humanoids were ALL DARK. This is also why Gilgamesh the Arab/Cannanite claimed sexual rights to de-flower every single female in his lame villages by the age of 3. Gilgamesh wanted to “be like god” and would brag about his 1/3rd god-like colored skin. Crawl back to Edom now with your lies creature. It’s better to be nuked into vapor than the wrath of god’s children. Punishment is nigh for all of you. God hates you!!! And we all do too!!!

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