Scribes and Pharisee Numerology

Throughout millennia, scholars and Holocaust™  historians have hijacked historiography and twisted it into their perverse game of numerology. 

There are far too many Cohencidences. Rumanians in Odessa drowning 144,000 Soviet Jews. 33,000 thrown in a ravine in Kiev? And of course, the ultimate 6 million jews gassed in the Holoco$t.  Not to mention the popular 5 million gentiles, which is even more tongue in cheek if we understand the profound underlying implications of the qualities of Five and Six.

Also, 365,000(days in year) is a number that pops up in Jewish numerology according to Ursula Haverbeck.  Can we get any more obvious as the solar earth year. 

Later I found the number 24,000, in the amount that they were allegedly murdered at the Bar-Kokheva revolt. 

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The Adamic Civilization – Relics of Truth

The Adamic Civilization

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