Pre-Adamites: Humanoids Before The First White Man

A commonly held misbeLIEf held by Jewdeo-Xians is that Adam was the first man upon earth.

Adam was not the first man, but the first Adamite, the first White man.

The Pre-Adamite Earth : A contribution to theological science

by Harris, John, 1870

PRE-ADAMITE MAN; The Story of our Old Planet and its Inhabitants, told by Scripture & Science

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By A. Hoyle Lester 1875

Preadamites; or, A demonstration of the existence of men before Adam; together with a study of their condition, antiquity, racial affinities, and progressive dispersion over the earth ..

by Winchell, Alexander, 1824-1891

The Origin of Race and Civilization

by Charles A. Weisman, 1990


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  1. This is nothing but truth, I had my paradigm shifted when I started studying my DNA which told me I was a Germanic-Scythian/Cimmerian. I traced those peoples to the Israelites and modern day Europeans of Germanic descent, the key is R1b/R1a which dominates my YDNA. I am 100% Germanic European and my ancestors never mixed according to my several DNA studies, including putting my DNA into an ancient database that tells you your ancient ancestry, I was heavy Visigoth/Scythian/Viking/Frank. My ancestors were Merovingians, crusader knights, and lots of Judahite kings, including my great grandmother being a descendant from King Niall of Ireland. Keep spreading the truth brother, our people need an awakening, Israel is here and alive but she is asleep.

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