Scribes and Pharisee Numerology

Throughout millennia, scholars and Holocaust™  historians have hijacked historiography and twisted it into their perverse game of numerology. 

There are far too many Cohencidences. Rumanians in Odessa drowning 144,000 Soviet Jews. 33,000 thrown in a ravine in Kiev? And of course, the ultimate 6 million jews gassed in the Holoco$t.  Not to mention the popular 5 million gentiles, which is even more tongue in cheek if we understand the profound underlying implications of the qualities of Five and Six.

Also, 365,000(days in year) is a number that pops up in Jewish numerology according to Ursula Haverbeck.  Can we get any more obvious as the solar earth year. 

Later I found the number 24,000, in the amount that they were allegedly murdered at the Bar-Kokheva revolt. 

It goes on and on.

The numbers don’t have any significance outside their numerological quality, in terms of reality and actual deaths.  It’s all made up based off of the Kabbalah.

With respects to the numbers that arise in cosmology, the cabalistic numerology and numeronomy does not stop there. 

These Luciferian and Talmudic Jews who ‘own the joint’ put hints into NASA data, a sort of tongue in cheek, occulted esoteric gag.

The moon is 360 leagues across to 99.99% accuracy according to NASA in April of 2016. 

In the same token, it is also 2160 miles across, or the amount of years in one age of the earthly precession of the equinoxes.

You could also say it is 17,280 furlongs in diameter, which brings India and its Satya Yuga in the picture with exactly 1.728 million years in the age.

  These are not cohencidences.  This is, I believe, an inside joke for those with the eyes to see.

These sick perverted individuals who control the world, the very people who hate us with a vehement religious-born passion, they are occult numerologists. They make up numbers all the time.  They are always numbers with very specific meaning. 

Whether it be the infamous 6 million, or 144,000 somewhere else.  Always to exploit, always the victim.  This is their strategy, and it works masterfully.

Hopefully, by way of sharing this information and helping get the word out about Talmudic Luciferianism through many different avenues, we can awaken enough of our “gentile” brothers and sisters to rise up against the Judaic struggle and fight against the enemy.

“According to the Israeli Holocaust specialist Yehuda Bauer, the Rumanians in Odessa murdered 144,000 Soviet Jews, mostly by drowning. The same method of extermination was testified to by the underground press agent for the Warsaw ghetto, as well as for Babi Yar

“Not a single Jew remains in Kiev, since the Germans have thrown the entire Jewish population of Kiev into the Dnieper.

“The massacre at Babi Yar is mentioned in the Einsatzgruppen reports. After the withdrawal of the German army in September 1941, there was a series of explosive attacks causing fires and hundreds of deaths. In reprisal, the Germans are alleged to have taken 33,000 Jews to the edge of the city of Kiev, shot them, and thrown them into the ravine at the end of September. During the war, tens of thousands more Jews were allegedly murdered there. Exactly two years later, as the Red Army approached Kiev, the bodies are supposed to have dug up and burnt without a trace, so that there is no physical evidence of this, either.”

quotes from the book: Hoax or Holocaust by Jurgen Graf

Babi Yar, the slaughter of 33,771 Jews began 75 years ago Thursday in a valley near Nazi-occupied Kiev — one of the most grim atrocities of the 20th century.

The mass executions of men, women and children took place over 48 hours between Sept. 29-30, 1941

He also spoke about the importance of creating a memorial center dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust in Ukraine, and those killed at Babi Yar.

“The creation of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center is very significant for the whole of humanity. This center must become a part of the efforts of civilized people to assure the triumph of human values in the research of historical truth,” Poroshenko said.

The center is scheduled to open in 2021, to coincide with the 80th anniversary of Babi Yar.

Think what you want, but the serpentine genealogy and psychology is wrapping it’s lethal body around its host.

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    1. Because of the dangerous control Satan’s Synagogue has, (just as Chancellor Hitler warned), Mankind is headed for (near) extinction.
      Dual citizens have ruined this country and many others.

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