Is Christianity Jewish?

TrevorChristianity is a Jewish sect and in order for it to be successfully introduced to Europeans and (Orientals) they had to combine some parts of the native tradition. So 90% of our white Christian ancestors were in fact in some way or another participating in pagan practices. And at the end of the day my friend Christendom has failed to stop the invasion. Most Christians and most Christian denominations have broke bread with the invaders. We have been betrayed by Jehovah.

James: Christianity was certainly not a “jewish” sect. In the early Christian era the people today called “jews” were it’s most dedicated opponents. I don’t disagree with anything you said concerning medieval or modern Christianity. I simply don’t see that as damning evidence against the teachings of Christ and the apostles which have long been forgotten by jewdeo-“Christianity”. No Christian ought to be worshiping Jehovah the chief god of the jew’s pantheon in the first place.

No jew is a legitimate Hebrew, Israelite or Judahite. They are all descended from the Edomites conquered converted and integrated into Judaea in 125 BC by John Hyrcanus. They become thenceforth known as Judaeans. This is attested to in Josephus’ Antiquities of the Judaeans, (13:257-258, 13:395-397 et al.) and Strabo’s Geography (book 16) as well as several jewish sources eg. Jewish Encyclopedia 1903 and Jewish Encyclopedia 1925.

These Idumaeo-Judaeans rose to the heights of power in the synagogues and in politics in Judaea under the Roman client king Herod the Edomite who tried to kill Christ in his infancy. At the time of Christ many of the Judaeans, and most of the Pharisees, Sadducees and politicians were of the stock of Esau-Edom and not Jacob-Israel. For an understanding of where God stands concerning Esau-Edom see Malachi 1:2-3 and the book of Obadiah.
These Edomites were ancestral foes of Israel who had mingled with the cursed Canaanites who in turn had mingled with the Kenites. (the offspring of Cain and the mysterious women of Nod) These Idumaeo-Judaeans were no more Judahites or Israelites than an Ashkenazi jew is a German or Slav or a Sephardic jew is an Italian or a Spaniard. These are the false Judaeans which St. John warned the assemblies about. (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) John the Baptist called them a race of vipers. (Matthew 3:7) Christ called them children of the devil (John 8:44) and a race of vipers. (Matthew 23:33) In Romans chapter 9 St. Paul discusses these circumstances concerning the Edomites at some length. Many other scriptures also bear witness to this.“Jews began to call themselves Hebrews and Israelites in 1860” —Encyclopedia Judaica 1971 Vol 10:23

“Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew.” (1980 Jewish Almanac, p. 3).

“The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.” -– Michael Rodkinson, in preface of Babylonian Talmud, page XI

“Edom is in Modern Jewry.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia,1925 edition, vol. 5, p. 41)

“Pharisaism shaped the character of Judaism and the life and thought of the Jew for all the future.” 
-Isidore Singer, The Jewish Encyclopedia, 9:665-666.

“No one can deny that the Jews are a most unique and unusual people. That uniqueness exists because of their Edomite heritage. You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of Edomitish character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.”
—Manifesto of the “World Jewish Federation,” January 1, 1935, through its spokesperson, Gerald Soman

James continues:

Ever notice that mainstream secular criticism of the Bible always targets Christianity and never jewdaism or mohammedanism? Ever notice that all the leading figures in criticism of the Bible are jews? Why does jewish media not even put up a fight against anything trying to discredit the historicity of the Bible? Why do jews barely flinch at the “black Hebrew-Israelites” but go into a screeching fit at the mention of Christian Identity? Why do jews ignore or even support the modern secular narrative that the Israelites of the Old Testament never existed and were merely an outgrowth of the Canaanites with an overgrown origin mythos? Why do jews lead the attack on what they claim to be their own chief religious text?

Because the Bible isn’t their book and they are not biblical Israel. They don’t care if the Bible is discredited in the eyes of the mainstream because it was never theirs to defend in the first place. They don’t care if you don’t believe in the Bible. They don’t care if you know they’re not Judah or Israel. They don’t care if the negroes, the mestizos, the japs, the abbos, the arabs, the pakis, the injuns or any other non-White people claims Israelite heritage. Anything so long as the White Christian peoples don’t wake up and recognize that the Bible is their story and that they are the children of Israel.

Jews are Not Israel

Who is Esau-Edom?

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  1. Great stuff! Ultimately, this war between Jacob and Esau has its roots in the war pronounced by God between “the seed of the woman” and “the seed of the serpent” as set in Genesis 3:15. All things that offend will not be in the Kingdom. This is how we know, of course, that the “JerUSAlem” doctrine is wrong, else there would be none of these offensive things in the “USA”. Not to mention the absurdity to suggest the God of Israel would incorporate *heh heh* the acronym of a corporation – of all things – into a plethora of declarations about the regathering of all Israel back to the land given to Abraham and to his seed forever (Genesis 13:15) in the “Exodus to Come”. Don’t worry. The land will be transformed from its accursed condition presently seen there into the original depiction as a “land of milk and honey”. But, my word, I do go off on a tangent.

    For what it’s worth, “Hashem” is the name of the “jewish” god, which is code for the “Jews” themselves. “Yahweh” is the name of an Amoritic god, and I’ve got a list of over 50 different spellings of various “Sacred Namers” versions of “Jesus” collected during a “Yahist” phase. A set of papers I read in ’93 called “Debunking the Myths of Sacred Namers” and one by the name of “In Defense of Jehovah” convinced me to change. I believe they available on the internet, but, other than Holy Day studies, there may not be anything else of value to the Identity believer.

    Good material on your site, but eschew apologetics favoring “Christmas” and the like.

    Your brother in Christ,
    Lyle Waller

  2. The cradle of civilization originated in Mesopotamia, which included ancient Israel and Judah. The majority of bone and skull fragments found in this area that date from roughly 6,000 B.C. to roughly 50 A.D. replicate that of adamic/caucasoid man. Of course, the majority of these finds have not been made public due to the canaanite jews with edomite, asiatic/khazarian, negroid, and european having had control of Mesopotamia(by proxy) and Palestine(by Balfour decree) since 1947. I believe this is one of the main reasons the jews wanted this area so bad even well before WWII began. They are the children of the dragon/satan and for the dragon and his children to win they must circumvent the will of God/Jesus Christ and His Israelite, Adamic, Caucasion children, as we are God’s creation. Of course, God and His children will win, as the Bible declares, but the Bible states that the victory will not come without bloodshed. Are the jews a race? Yes, to the extent that they have satan’s DNA, but, no, with regard to any of the three races known to us today. They are the most bastardized race that has slithered from country to country dividing and destroying for nearly 6,000 years. Cain never cared for his racial identity nor did Esau whose descendants fornicated with Cain’s offspring. Just as Esau sold his birthright via fornication, his jewish descendants hate the Bible and make only fabricated concotions of being Israelites. Like Esau, they will allow negros, asians, and indians claim Israelite heritage, help them promote it financially and in the media, and give these primitive races a pat on the head while doing it. But, the jews forbid whites from learning of their Israelite heritage even going so far as to corrupt the Bible in order to portray Jesus Christ, Paul, the disciples, and early Christians as jews. At the time of Jesus Christ’s Earthly reign, no one would have even heard the word jew. The phareeses adopted the word jew long after Jesus Christ’s death as a play on the word Judah and Judean, neither which can be transliterated or somehow shortened into the word jew. It worked out perfectly for them because they will feign their Christ/the AntiChrist to come out of the royal bloodline of Judah in order to make the world believe this man is the true messiah that has come so the jews can rule the world with an iron first. But, Jesus Christ will soon open the eyes of his white, adamic Israelite children and the children of the dragon and the races and subraces aligned with them will be extinguished for good.

  3. This is plainly wrong. The word ‘Jew’ is the exact transliteration of both “Judah”, “Judahide” and “Judean”. Like “Serb”, “Serbian”, and “Sorbs”… “Angles”, “Ynglings”, “English”, “Anglo”… there are a lot of linguistic variations adopted by different people at various times. There is also no question but that Christ was associated with the “Judah” branch of Israel, the “Jews” of ancient Palestine, which is the same “Jews” related to Maccabees and Ezra, Nehemiah.

    You need to read that passage from Zechariah: “and they will look upon Me whom they pierced, and weep as if for a first born son” (in paraphrase)… read Acts where it is the “men of Israel” who are said to have crucified the Redeemer, and who are called upon to repent, becoming the first 3000 Christians. Etc..

  4. The edomite heritage is Canaanite in origin. Good website and information. I’d go over christogenea and how the Bible has been mistranslated more though

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