Peanut Butter & Jelly

The people who don’t understand Christian Israelite Identity (CI,DSCI) or even British Israelism to some extent, the problem with them is they don’t even believe in God, and if they do, they hate Him. Because when they read the Old Testament they think that murdering (((EVIL))) -even though it is murder- is still somehow evil. Is loving what is GOOD also incorrect?
Hearken here White Nationalist, all of the ostensibly evil things that were done to (((people))) in the Bible; it was for your own good. The reason you, and I, were tricked is because you saw evil in the Old Testament, and naturally associated it with them just as I did, since it seemed like they went together like peanut butter and jelly. It made perfect sense at the time.
But Abraham wasn’t a jew; neither was Moses or the Christ. They’ve tricked most of the sheep into thinking that we are basically them; the parasitic race of the earth, ever persistent in exploiting and enslaving humanity. (WN understand this is not true). But more importantly, they have convinced you that they are you, the Israelites and Hebrews, the Holy People of the old books. 

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