Books About Communism And Who Is Behind It

Who is behind communism? Who is responsible for Bolshevism? Who are they? Who are the Trotskyites and Leninists?  Who are the Marxists who killed 100 million in the last century? Who are these people?

Here are some books that can help you figure it out for yourself.

Behind Communism – Frank L Britton

The Plot Against Christianity – Elizabeth Dilling

The Octopus by Elizabeth Dilling

The Red Network – Elizabeth Dilling

The Secret Behind Communism – David Duke (2013)

Communism in Germany by Adolf Ehrt

Communism with the Mask Off by Goebbels, Joseph

Communism Menaces Freedom by Willard E. Givens

200 Years Together – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – Epub File (2017-08-11) – PDF (2017-07-11) –  Website  [note: this book has never been fully translated in English, I wonder why]

The Rulers of Russia – Rev. Denis Fahey

Waters flowing eastward by Rev Denis Fahey

A Sea of Blood by Dr. Gregor

A Collection of Reports on Bolshevism In Russia

Grave Diggers of Russia

The Jewish System Indicted by Edmondson, Robert Edward (1937)

Communism A-Jewish-Talmudic-Concept – Willie Martin

Commentaries and Podcasts – Mein Kampf Project (


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