Politically Correct Orcs: Lord Of The Rings

The dawn has come, my people are awake.  No longer shall helpless Orc refugees dwell in the depths of Mount Doom; for they shall be brought to the surface, to the light.  We shall help these Ors to become as we are. For they are us, and we as them.

They have no craft, no contribution, nothing to give, only what we possess to take as they wish.  For they are Orcs, and they are equal to us in every way.  We shall not slump as did our ancestors and refuse their refuge; for we are greater than that.  We are the White Elves.  We possess passion and heart.  We are pathologically altruistic; we love the Orcs for they are us, and we are they.

The Orcs are Elves, and the Elves are Orcs; there be no difference.  Any aberrant view shall be cast into the fire of Mt. Doom.

Orcs are welcome; for they are us; and we them.








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  1. It would seem that, unless one has been baptized into this apparent world of fantasy, all these memes have absolutely no meaning.

    1. Tolkien was England’s foremost scholar on Middle English – Anglo Saxon language and myth as well as Germanic and Icelandic. It’s what Lord of the Rings is based on. It is intended as racist but no one can quite prove it.

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