Swamps Of Our Sins

People have dreamed up all manner of unlikely methods by which the white race may throw off the shackles of jewry. Some imagine a brave martial showdown between a white nationalist militia and the ZOG. Some still think we will vote our way out of their grasp. Some have more realistic expectations but none can compare to the perfect simplicity of the ultimate solution: an adherence to Christian morality and the laws of Yahweh our God.

If we forsake greed and the lust for wealth the jew can not possibly hold us under the sway of his usury. If we deny lust the jew cannot sell us pornography and turn our daughters into harlots. If we reject fornication the jew cannot poison our bloodlines with the inferior races. If we turn aside from what is worldly and become a people apart the lesser races cannot swarm us and abuse us. If we treat each other with kindness and love the jew can not turn us on each other in wrath. If we work hard and share our bounty with each other the jew can peddle no material goods to us. If we reject unbelievers and bastards our society will be strong and united. If we expel the anti-Christs from our midst there will be no jews among us at all!

Sadly we are far from such a world. Surely there are ample “swamps of our sins” for the jewish parasites to breed in. We have rejected Yahweh and have scorned his perfect laws. It is not to His detriment that we disobey his laws. It is to our own detriment as we bring evil upon ourselves from Yahweh’s enemies. The ones we failed to exterminate when he commanded it. Nevertheless our God is faithful and despite our rejection of him there is yet hope and forgiveness. Thank Yahweh for his mercy. His endless mercy for his Covenant people. Repent, follow his perfect laws and suffer no more.

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