Christmas And Its Pagan Traditions

 by Edward Weed

(Please take the time to read all of this before you make up your mind)

Is it a sin to celebrate Christmas? No. Christmas is ultimately the day the Word became flesh and walked among His people see John 1:1-5, 14) and that makes it a day worth celebrating. But before we get deep into the topic at hand let me say that my family and I celebrate the conception (see Jeremiah 1:5) of Yahshua Messiah exactly the way the Bible manuscripts teach us to. But how should one celebrate Emmanuel’s (that is to say Yahweh with us) conception? Let’s take a look.

Based on the course of Abia (spelled Abiyah in the Hebrew see 1 Chronicles 24:10) found in Luke 1:5, we know that Yahshua Messiah was born sometime in late September during the Feast of Tabernacles not in December as so many believe today. This (along with tax season, see Luke 2:1) explains why Joseph and Mary found no lodging in the inn and were instead forced to stay in the manger (see Luke 2:7). Now that being said, please note that my wife and I celebrate Christ Emmanuel’s conception in December, but we do it WITHOUT ANY of the lies and pagan traditions that are now connected with our Messiah’s first coming. Let me explain. Continue reading “Christmas And Its Pagan Traditions”