Pharisee Tales

Fables, folklore, legends, stories, myths, and historiography warning children of the adversary:

Throughout the ages of time, Adamic man has been leaving clues for his grandchildren, in hopes of teaching them to identity and avoid their life long rival.

In these pharisee tales you will find breadcrumbs that lead to the understanding of our adversary.


1. Vampires

2. Witches

3. LepreCOHENS

4. Trolls (short and greedy little devils)

5. Jack and the Beanstalk

6. Dwarfs (Snow White)

7. Rumpelstiltskin

8. Goblins

9. Elves

10. Hansel and Gretel

11. Werewolves 

12 GOLDilocks

13 Giants  (Nephilim)

14 Zelda

15 James and the Giant Peach

16 Oliver Twist (Fagin)

17 Smurfs and Gargamel

18 Dragons

19 Snakes and Serpents

20 Lord of the Rings

21 The Holy Bible (that old dragon, a brood of vipers, the slithering serpent)

22. Pinocchio (Stromboli)

23. The Game of the Goose (Der wandernde Jude)

24 Jack the Ripper

25. FrankenSTEIN

26. Sprites, Elves, Fairies (Pharisees)

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